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Somethingness Tracklist

A sneak peek of the vinyl Jacket today revealed the track list for Somethingness:

1. Head Down

2. Nice To Meet You

3. Ballad Of A Poet

4. Hiding Place For Hearts

5. Drop Me In The Water

6. Missing Pieces

7. Falling Into Place

8. Let Me Live Again

9. Last Train

Somethingess will be released on February 23, and Pledge Music supporters should see it available in advance.

Source: OLP Facebook

Official Release Date For Somethingness

It looks like Volume 2 of Somethingness will be released on February 23, according to a video posted by Raine on PledgeMusic earlier today. 5 songs will be on the EP, rounding out the total track count for Somethingness to 9 total.


1997 CBGB's Performance

So a few days ago I stumbled across a video of OLP playing at CBGB in NYC. A video of Superman's Dead, dated 1995. I contacted the guy who posted the video and asked if he had the full video, and if he did, if he would post it. Fortunately for all of us, he did! After some logical thinking and research, I discovered this was actually from 1997. The first two songs, Naveed, and Big Dumb Rocket, were not filmed it appears. Regardless, it's a cool look at some very old school, Clumsy-era OLP. Here is the link, and please take a moment to subscribe to Byron's channel, which is just getting started:

Happy New Year

Bob Claus has left the last gift for the 2017 12 Days of OLPness! Be sure to get your downloads completed by January 14. Special thanks to Josh, Tom, Dewey Cole; Devi and Dan at Coalition; Jawsh and the FOH team on OLP's tour; and our other tapers for helping make these recordings possible. I hope everyone found something they can enjoy! Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

On behalf of Josh and myself, we would like to wish all of our friends and members on the CM a very Merry Christmas, and best wishes for the new year!

2017 12 Days of OLPness!

The 12 Days of OLPness are upon us! For the next 12 days we will feature brand new to the Monkey downloads for your listening pleasure. Check back daily through January 1 to grab the latest gifts.